Workers’ Comp Insurance Service for Payroll Companies

Pay As You Go Workers' Comp for Payroll CompaniesIt seems that payroll companies are on the rise, and more and more they are looking for workers’ comp coverage for their clients.

Wouldn’t your payroll clients like to be free of the hassle of yearly audits?
Are they sick of massive deposits and big down payments?
Are they frustrated because they can’t find coverage?

We may be ably to help your payroll company with our “Pay As You Go” workers’ comp program. Premiums can be paid as earned, by rating the current payroll against the correct comp codes. Audits can be minimized, made less painful or possibly done away with completely.

This program is designed for payroll companies and their insurance agents. Please have your insurance agent contact us to find out about this income stream that is being left by the wayside.

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