HR ComplianceDo these questions sound familiar?

Q. How many forms does it take to add a new employee?”
Q. Am I required to do certain things for employees?”
Q. Do I need an employee handbook?”
Q. How do I terminate a bad employee without causing a lawsuit or other pain?”
Q. How do I know we are displaying the right posters and notices?”

PEOs can help with situations like this by becoming the employer of record and taking the lion’s share of the responsibility for nearly all of the employee forms and notifications. It will be their Federal Employee ID number (FEIN) on all tax records, for example.

One of the greatest fears of an employer in “the land of lawyers” is an error in human resource compliance resulting in a legal claim. Having a professional at your side with the right insurance and procedures could be the difference between a painless event and a lot of unnecessary and stressful drama.

We like to think of our PEO as the SEP Solution – it becomes “Somebody Else’s Problem.”

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Verify that you are a real person :)