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Waterford Runners Starting Line Prep

We Sponsor Local Wellness Groups

Waterford Runners Starting Line PrepIn an effort to promote better health and wellness in our community, we are lending support (financial and otherwise) to local athletic clubs.

Good health is not only harder to come by but more important than ever to achieve naturally, rather than relying on doctors and expensive pharmaceuticals.

While a healthy diet is important, nothing is better for healing and wellness than exercise. We thank our marketing partners for providing organized exercise.

Concentrating on outdoor sports: we sponsor the following organizations:

Waterford Runners – bi-weekly free 5K run.

Eastside Cycling Club – Wednesday and Saturday organized bicycle rides.

Agents Strategic Partnership With PEO Brokers

Why Should an Insurance Agent Work With a PEO Broker?

Agents Strategic Partnership With PEO BrokersWhy should an insurance agent work with a PEO Broker?

Here at PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR, we are often asked that question. Since many PEO Brokers are also insurance agents, the strategic partnership may not be obvious. However, most PEO Brokers are smart enough to leave traditional commercial insurance needs to the traditional commercial insurance agents. We certainly do. We figure they are experts at what they do, and we are experts at what we do. Why would we take business away from Agents who could use us for certain niche clients?

So What is That Niche?
There are several:

1: Difficult to place workers’ comp clients. Often times, a client who has difficulty procuring workers’ comp can get coverage by placing their employees with a PEO. This could be a smaller client who doesn’t have a lot of premium, a higher risk client or even a client who has had some claims history in the past.
2: Clients who have had a lot of unemployment claims. There is nothing better than a professional HR partner to assist in reducing unemployment claims.
3: Clients who have had HR difficulties, such as lawsuits from employees. Again, a professional HR partner can assist a client in putting in proper procedures to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.
4: Clients who wish to reduce employee turnover. Often the benefit solutions available from a PEO can offer that high level environment to a smaller client, in such areas as health insurance, 401k benefits, group life insurance and other areas.

We at PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR are always willing to talk to traditional agents and agencies about strategic partnerships. Often times our clients need a service they should get from those agents, such as commercial auto, property & casualty, general liability or even surplus lines and bonds.

If you are an agent, or an agency that is interested in this type of strategic partnership, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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Verify that you are a real person :)
Agency Captive for Workers' Comp

More Carriers are Offering Agency Captives for Workers’ Comp

Agency Captive for Workers' CompWe are seeing more and more large carriers entering in to the Agency Captive arena, particularly with workers’ compensation premiums.

Some of these carriers are well known, 50-state, A-rated companies. (We will release names as soon as we get permission – promise!) These segregated portfolio loss funds are also called “workers’ comp agency captives.”

In these situations, Agencies can benefit from clients that have good risk management procedures and corresponding loss history. There is also the possibility of higher average commissions as well.

More information is in a “knol” article published by our lead agent John Will Tenney here.

So if your agency is interested in a risk-sharing, income opportunity using a agency captive you may wish to contact us using the form below.

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Verify that you are a real person :)
Online Degree Navigator

New Offering from Partner PEOs: Online Degree Navigator

Online Degree NavigatorSome of our partner PEOs are offering a new service to their client employees.

This new service, called the Online Degree Navigator, allows people to search a variety of online degree offerings from one website.

We expect this program to become very popular with our partner PEOs, especially with the focus on advancing education. With one click to a website, PEO employees can now select from a wide variety of online degree course offerings.

If you would like to offer this to your employees, please use the contact form below:

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Verify that you are a real person :)

Orlando Payroll Consultants

PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR has been selected for a local award.

January 7, 2011. MAITLAND, FL
An Orlando survey company, ST Marketing out of Maitland, has notified PAY-surance HR that they are the recipients for “Best Payroll Consultants in Central Florida.”

“PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR was chosen from a field of 23 Payroll Consultants in Central Florida as they excelled in all categories” a spokesperson for ST Marketing tells us. “They were chosen ahead of local branches of ADP, Paychex and Compupay, three national firms considered to be front runners in this competition.”

They shared with us some of the award research process:

“We had seven core values to examine, and we did this by contacting existing clients and ex-clients. It was particularly important that the ex-clients spoke about the seven core values. While we will list all of the values in our upcoming news release, you can be sure that professionalism, flexibility, pricing and on-time performance were considered.”

Award Ceremony has not been scheduled but it is most likely going to be in March 2011.

For more information please use the contact form below:

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Verify that you are a real person :)
Startup PEO Master Policies Don't Panic!

Start up PEO? Don’t Panic!

Startup PEO Master Policies Don't Panic!Are you a start up PEO that can’t find a master policy?
Don’t panic.

We can help!

PEO Pros has a special department that handles start up PEOs, Staffing and Payroll companies.

In particular we help with Workers’ Comp, General Liability, EPLI and in some cases Health Insurance.

We have experience with start up companies, so much that the carriers have come to rely on us to help the transition from start up to going concern.

Have you heard these or something similar?

  • “We don’t do start ups”
  • “We require a minimum book of business”
  • “Come back and see us when you have 3 or more years experience”

Sound familiar? Don’t despair. We can help.

Use the form below to get in touch with us.

Verify that you are a real person 🙂
Verify that you are a real person :)

Now Appointed with Progressive Auto Insurance

Our insurance agency is now appointed by Progressive Auto Insurance to provide auto insurance coverage for our clients.

We are proud to have this relationship with Progressive! Many of our clients prefer having us take care of their auto insurance needs as well as other business insurance.

Working with Progressive has never been easier. Here is a link to get an auto quote today: