Why Should an Insurance Agent Work With a PEO Broker?

Agents Strategic Partnership With PEO Brokers

Why should an insurance agent work with a PEO Broker? Here at PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR, we are often asked that question. Since many PEO Brokers are also insurance agents, the strategic partnership may not be obvious. However, most PEO Brokers are smart enough to leave traditional commercial insurance needs to the traditional commercial […]

More Carriers are Offering Agency Captives for Workers’ Comp

Agency Captive for Workers' Comp

We are seeing more and more large carriers entering in to the Agency Captive arena, particularly with workers’ compensation premiums. Some of these carriers are well known, 50-state, A-rated companies. (We will release names as soon as we get permission – promise!) These segregated portfolio loss funds are also called “workers’ comp agency captives.” In […]

Orlando Payroll Consultants

PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR has been selected for a local award. January 7, 2011. MAITLAND, FL An Orlando survey company, ST Marketing out of Maitland, has notified PAY-surance HR that they are the recipients for “Best Payroll Consultants in Central Florida.” “PEO Pros / PAY-surance HR was chosen from a field of 23 Payroll […]

Start up PEO? Don’t Panic!

Startup PEO Master Policies Don't Panic!

Are you a start up PEO that can’t find a master policy? Don’t panic. We can help! PEO Pros has a special department that handles start up PEOs, Staffing and Payroll companies. In particular we help with Workers’ Comp, General Liability, EPLI and in some cases Health Insurance. We have experience with start up companies, […]

Now Appointed with Progressive Auto Insurance

Our insurance agency is now appointed by Progressive Auto Insurance to provide auto insurance coverage for our clients. We are proud to have this relationship with Progressive! Many of our clients prefer having us take care of their auto insurance needs as well as other business insurance. Working with Progressive has never been easier. Here […]

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