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Jason Irving of Urban Recruiters Staffing and John Will Tenney of PEO Pros

New “Knol” on PEOs vs. Staffing Companies

Jason Irving of Urban Recruiters Staffing and John Will Tenney of PEO ProsShown here with strategic partner Jason Irving of Urban Recruiters Staffing, PEO Pros CEO John Will Tenney has written an article for Google Knols discussing the history of PEOs and how they differ from Staffing Companies.

“We get asked this question all the time.” Tenney tells us, “It’s not a simple answer. I expect this will only be the first of a few articles discussing it. For example, with a recovering economy such as we are in today, Staffing makes a lot more sense for business owners that are cautiously expanding their business.”

Here is the link to the Knol. Your comments and reviews are welcomed.

Excerpt: “In many ways, PEOs and Staffing companies are similar, but in fact they cover the opposite ends of the HR spectrum. In this article, John Will Tenney of PEO Pros explains the history and formation of PEOs, and a little of the differences and similarities between PEOs and Staffing.”

Waterford Runners Starting Line Prep

We Sponsor Local Wellness Groups

Waterford Runners Starting Line PrepIn an effort to promote better health and wellness in our community, we are lending support (financial and otherwise) to local athletic clubs.

Good health is not only harder to come by but more important than ever to achieve naturally, rather than relying on doctors and expensive pharmaceuticals.

While a healthy diet is important, nothing is better for healing and wellness than exercise. We thank our marketing partners for providing organized exercise.

Concentrating on outdoor sports: we sponsor the following organizations:

Waterford Runners – bi-weekly free 5K run.

Eastside Cycling Club – Wednesday and Saturday organized bicycle rides.