Business Insurance

Are you an employer who would like to have one point of contact to deal with all of your insurance problems? Are you tired of having to “look up” which agent handles that particular issue? Would it make sense to you to have one point of contact to deal with all those headaches? Would it […]

Client Profile: Southeastern Data

Southeastern Data is one of the most unique businesses in Central Florida. From their website: “Since 1996 Southeastern Data has provided recycling & remarketing of of all types of computers & electronic equipment. We offer pickup service across the nation and to a number of locations outside of the country. Southeastern Data is an expert […]

The Power of Networking

Small businesses are challenged with the rising price of advertising. As the number of options increase, the quality of advertising and return on investment are getting harder and harder to track. How then can a small business find more clients? The internet is certainly a growing field, and making more and more people accessible. The […]

Payroll and Taxes

PEO Payroll Services with PAY-surance HR / PEO Pros One of the most common “employer headache” complaint heard is handling the complicated and changing world of employee payroll and tax compliance associated with having employees. “I decided to have PEO Pros find a PEO for me because doing Payroll was so laborious.” says Jeff Bosworth, […]

Florida Workers Comp Rates

Florida PEO Services

Florida is an “administrative state” which means the state sets the rates for workers comp for each “class code.” You would think this would mean everybody pays the same for their workers comp insurance. Not so. There are several modifiers and discounts that can be applied to premium payments. Written Safety Program Credit If you […]

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