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  • Hiring and Firing?  What's the Right Way?

    Hiring and Firing? What’s the Right Way?

    Can making a mistake in hiring or firing an employee cost you money? Your business? Your personal possessions? What do you think in this litigious society? You may be expecting an insurance agency to recommend getting Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) and it’s not a bad idea, but how about avoiding the need for it […]

  • PEO Solutions

  • PEO Solutions

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance Why would a business owner use a PEO to provide solutions to employer headaches with traditional payroll and insurance methods? “PEO” stands for Professional Employer Organization. In almost all states this is a licensed and regulated corporation which …
  • PEO Master Policies

  • PEO Master Policies Available

    PEO Master Policies Available We are a provider of master policies to PEOs, Payroll and Staffing Companies for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Convenient Links for PEO Owners: Our Agency Alliances Latest PEO Insurance updates (master policies) There are several viable options for PEO …
  • Business Insurance

  • Business Insurance

    Business Insurance Are you an employer who would like to have one point of contact to deal with all of your insurance problems? Are you tired of having to “look up” which agent handles that particular issue? Would it make …
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  • Website Maintenance Complete

    Website Maintenance Complete

    Mid Florida Digital websites were experiencing difficulties resolving to subdomains, and server maintenance was performed. All of the sites below are related to and were affected by redirect problems. We switched from Windows to Linux servers in order to allow better service. We wish to thank our technical partners at NewTek for their help […]

  • W2 Vs 1099 employee

    W2 vs. 1099

    When is a worker an employee? The IRS and state tax authorities are targeting the workforce that is incorrectly being classified as “1099 contractors” when in fact they are employees. Why Are They Cracking Down? The loss to tax authorities by treating legitimate employees as 1099 contractors is substantial. The employer is avoiding withholdings for […]

  • Pay As You Go Avoids Shocking Bills

    Why Pay as You Go?

    Why is pay as you go workers’ comp insurance the right choice for so many businesses these days? What is Pay as you Go? In this video clip, CEO John Will Tenney was interviewed by a local real estate office and answers a few questions about Pay as you Go Payroll and Taxes, as well […]

  • New Insurance Agency Alliances

    New Insurance Agency Alliances

    Our property and casualty agency has been creating strategic alliances with other large agencies to supply even more markets for business insurance, both to the traditional business owner and PEOs. Agencies we work with include: Stonehenge Insurance Services – PEO workers’ comp Hourglass PC – PEO workers’ comp Cypress Risk Management – large workers’ comp […]

  • PEO Services in NY

    PEO Services in NY

    New York is a very interesting state for PEO services. The state owns and operates a competitive workers’ comp state fund which makes it difficult sometimes to compete in the PEO environment. PEOs using a traditional carrier will pay a 19.4% “state fund assessment” to replenish the state fund, which was depleted by a corrupt […]

  • PEO Master Policies

    PEO Master Policies

    PEO and staffing company owners are realizing that having an agent represent them for their master worker’s comp policies (and others) can lead to greater profitability and significant increase to their bottom line.

  • Coverage Denied

    Coverage Denied or Cancelled?

    Has your workers’ comp coverage been denied or canceled? Not yet? Maybe it isn’t your turn just yet? If renewal time is coming up and you are worried, there are some steps you can take to make it easier. What is involved in getting workers’ comp coverage? Understand that the insurance company is in the […]

  • Rated Comp Carrier?

    Rated Comp Carrier?

    Why is it important to have a “rated carrier” for your workers’ comp coverage? When does it make a difference? Common questions and answers How does a carrier get rated anyway? In most cases it is done by evaluation by an independent company. In almost all cases in the United States today this company is […]

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