PEO FAQFrequently Asked Questions:

Who or What is PEO Pros?
We are a licensed business insurance agency. However, we do not compete with standard business insurance agencies, but rather work with them. Most of our clients are placed with PEOs (see below) because a standard policy does not fit.

What is a PEO?
PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. It is a company which provides a co-employment situation, where your employees are also employees of the PEO in a shared responsibility and obligation agreement. The PEO will be the employer for payroll, workers’ comp, human resources, health and other benefits, while the client retains control of the employees on the worksite. Working together, the PEO and Client can achieve a safer workplace, streamline all the HR processes, spread out some of the risk, and ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

Questions From the Web
We get a lot of questions from our contact pages and other web inquiries. Some of these are very pertinent questions. We have decided to answer a few of them by video.

Why is it Getting Harder to Get Workers’ Comp Insurance?

When is a Worker a W-2 Employee vs. a 1099 Contractor?

What is an ASO?
ASO stands for Administrative Service Organization. In most cases this refers to a PEO using the “ASO model” where the employees remain your employees and the PEO just supplies HR services, including but not limited to payroll, HR, and some insurance options. ASO is also used to refer to traditional payroll companies. This model is advantageous where there is a need to “carve out” certain services, or there is a requirement for the client to maintain all employees on their own Tax ID number (FEIN).

Why a PEO or ASO?
Small to medium sized companies expend valuable and unchargeable time and resources on tasks such as payroll, HR compliance and workers’ comp administration for their employees. In many cases it is difficult to secure proper insurance (like workers’ comp) and other benefits. By “teaming” with a PEO or ASO the company now has the collective buying power shared with all the other client companies.

Is There an Added Convenience?
In all cases, the PEO or ASO will take care of your payroll and taxes. In almost all cases your quarterly tax forms and annual reports (such as W-2s and 1099s) will be supplied at no additional charge.

Can a PEO Reduce My Risk?
While it is impossible to eliminate all risk, a business owner can benefit by having a PEO as an experienced and well represented partner in his dealings with HR and government services. This applies with regard to payroll taxes, insurance, compliance, employer’s liability, and other areas.

Is There Personalized Service?
PEO Pros works directly with our clients on a frequent basis to ensure that all tasks are functioning properly. If there is an issue, we act as a representative for the client to resolve the problem. Our agents will find you the PEO (or ASO) that fits your specific needs and special services.

Is There a Cost Savings?
A large group of employees facilitates significant savings in the areas of Payroll/Tax Services, Human Resources, Workers’ Comp, and other benefits (such as Healthcare, Liability Insurance, Banking, Savings Plans, etc.)

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